Our Approach to Vaccinations

Our approach to vaccinations is very specific to each individual patient with a goal of ensuring we have protection without over vaccinating. 

A few things that we take into consideration:

  • Previous vaccinations including any vaccine reactions
  • Current health status including any chronic disease or unbalance
  • Lifestyle and risk factors:
    • Dog to dog interaction and risk (including boarding, doggy daycare, dog parks)
    • Travel history or travel plans
  • Goal of vaccination and protection of infectious disease

Knowledge of constitution is the key for a holistic and integral health care, the true basis of any preventative medicine.

Vaccinations and Antibody Titer Testing

We also take into consider multiple studies which have assessed duration of immunity, specifically of the core vaccines Distemper-Adenovirus-Parvovirus. These studies have demonstrated immunity of up to 5-9 years after the initial set of puppy vaccines. Therefore, we offer in-house titer testing for our patients to assess their immunity level for these specific viruses. This allows us to ensure that they are protected but are not repeating vaccinations which are not necessary.

Puppy and Kitten Protocol

Puppy and kitten protocols are also individualized, but with the goal of setting our youngsters up for success. We like to see them for their first visit around 8-10 weeks to discuss the best protocol for their lifestyle, as well as getting them started on nutrition and supplement plans to guarantee the best success for long-term health.