What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical technique developed in China thousands of years ago. Specifically, it is defined as the insertion of needles into specific points in the body to elicit a healing response. It can be used either in conjunction with other modalities or alone. 

We use it to be combined with Western and alternative practices.

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How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture was developed during ancient times, but current scientific knowledge gives us a better idea of effects in the body!

Functional MRI has shown that stimulation at a precise point in the body with a small needle result in a specific change and affects the central nervous system. In conventional terms we see that acupuncture stimulates nerves, releases hormones such as endorphins, increases blood circulation and alleviates muscle spasms.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, we use acupuncture to help the body achieve balance and optimal health based on interconnecting channels called meridians, and flow of energy called Qi.

What can acupuncture be used for?

Acupuncture is most commonly known and used for inflammatory disease and pain, but it can be used for a variety of conditions, including:

What can I expect for pet with an acupuncture treatment?

For most animal’s acupuncture is virtually painless! We strive to make this process as enjoyable as possible for your pet. We provide a calm, relaxing environment with a brief massage and body work using essential oils to start the acupuncture session. Each session typically lasts approximately 30 minutes. 

Acupuncture has a cumulative effect and we typically start with once weekly sessions for 4 sessions and then re-evaluate the response. We increase the interval to ensure the most effective acupuncture plan for your pet. We know that 80% of pets have a positive response to acupuncture and this will be evident within 4-6 sessions.