About Elevate Pet Wellness

Abby Willms and Brooke Jacoby DVM first met years ago while working together in a small holistic veterinary practice.  Discovering a shared passion for integrative veterinary care, the idea of starting a practice together grew over the years and they finally decided to make the jump! They could not be more excited to start this venture in our beautiful community.

Abby Willms and Brooke Jacoby DVM

About Brooke

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
B.S. Animal Science

Dr. Jacoby has been in the veterinary field since she was a teenager and graduated from Oregon State University with her DVM in 2008. Her journey into holistic practice began over 10 years ago when she became certified in veterinary acupuncture and has expanded to include whole food nutrition, Chinese and Western herbal medicine and spinal manipulation. She is passionate about creating a comprehensive health plan for her patients utilizing a variety of modalities. 

Dr. Jacoby truly enjoys getting to know her patients and supporting them through the many stages of health. She especially loves helping senior pets age gracefully.

Dr. Brooke Jacoby DVM

About Abby

Hospital Manager and Owner
Certified Veterinary Technician, B.S
Psychology and Sociology

Abby started her career in veterinary medicine in 2001 while completing her undergraduate degree at Portland State University. After becoming certified as a Veterinary Technician she spent the majority of her nursing days as a surgery and dentistry technician. Her many talents include blood draws, surgical assistance and keeping our staff well trained and accountable! This project of starting a new clinic allows her to shift her focus from the technical nursing side of veterinary care to practice management. 

She is excited to create a cohesive and well-educated veterinary team that focuses on whole health veterinary care.

Abby Willms

About Laura

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
B.S. Animal Science

Dr. Laura Veals is delighted to join the Elevate Pet Wellness Center team and support pets through all stages of life! In 2014, she graduated with her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree and immediately became passionate about treating her patients with acupuncture. Little did she know, acupuncture would lead her into pursuing advanced education in integrative medicine, physical therapy/rehabilitation, and natural nutrition. Her wide range of interests include peri-operative conditions such as Stifle (knee) Disease, Osteoarthritis in senior pets, Vestibular Disease, and Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). 

When not treating patients, you’ll find Dr. Laura hiking and camping with her dog, Ryna, or snuggling with her tripod senior cat, Trio. Dr. Laura has a variety of interests outside veterinary medicine, including voiceover acting, aerial dance (Lyra hoop), standup paddle boarding, and traveling the globe in search of adventure!

Dr. Laura Veals DVM

About Kelsi

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
B.S. Agriculture/Animal Sciences & Biosciences

Dr. Wymard is our procedure doctor and helps us by performing surgical and dental procedure one day per week.

Dr. Jacquelyn Kelsi Wymard grew up on a farm in Uniontown, PA where her love for animals started at a very young age. She graduated from Ohio State University in 2016 with a BS in Animal Sciences and in 2020 she earned her DVM degree from Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. Her professional interests include internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. In her free time, Dr. Wymard enjoys spending time outdoors reading, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, and soaking up the sunshine on a good river rock.

She is the proud fur-mom of an angelic Black Labrador named Daisy and a grumpy cat named Schmidt. Dr. Wymard’s talents include surgery, staying calm in high stress situations, and loving your animals as much as you do!

Dr. Jacquelyn Kelsi Wymard DVM